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Albert Clint Simms Author Spotlight

Albert Clint Simms a.k.a Author A.C.S. @clintlove Fillmoe, San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City

  Albert Clint Simms is an American Author. One big mystery... Born in San Francisco California, are down South Mississippi. A figure of speech, "He's a Montel Williams episode of whose the real Daddy!" He goes by the Author A.C.S. As Author A.C.S. started to make headway in creative literature, he switched from writing books to song writing. Creating the G-man Gangster Rap image Clint-Love. Achievements and awards turns the competitors ancestors in their graves. Known fact... Novels speak for themselves! All lives matter...Heroes and Villains! Bored, try an Author A.C.S. Novel! Writers block unblock with a Author A.C.S. Novel! Popular Fiction based on true stories. His bestselling Pirated busters un-conceals the cover on Ghost-writers of Lesbian Hollywood, but from where does Albert Clint Simms draw his inspiration? The Author A.C.S. experiments in writing began at seventeen in a Stockton California youth prison and, as a teenager, his action packed, money-sex and murder based on true stories were devoured by his prison mates. He did a complete image from head to toe from heart to spirit make-over, bringing him from the worst person to be, living on the edge of falling into hell. Now loved by innovators-still waiting for his groupie entertainment red carpet. Not going against Filthy Moe, he remains to be fresh and clean on any United States Streets! (YBG)

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